About Me

Kristin G.

I started as a teenager exercising taking fun, high energy aerobics classes at Vince Brust Studios in Scranton, Pa to help me lose the extra weight I was carrying as a dancer. I struggled with an eating disorder and body issues as a pre-teen studying at a competitive Ballet school. I was so enthusiastic with exercise that my high school gym teacher asked me to teach my Senior gym class a few times! From there I loved not only getting people excited about exercise but felt the need to lead others how to get fit and love it!

I went on to college to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Education and Performance from the University of the Arts in 1994. While in school I taught aerobics and body sculpting classes at several gyms around the city. Right out of college I landed my first Fitness Coordinator position at Pepper Hamilton LLP. I continued to teach dance to children for eight years while performing with entertainment companies in Philadelphia and New York.

From there I managed numerous corporate and commercial fitness centers while I personal trained and taught a variety of group exercise classes.

In 2003 I graduated from Temple University with my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. While in graduate school I completed a two-year internship at Temple University Hospital in the Heart Transplant/Heart Failure Department and then worked in cardiac rehab for three-years.

It was then I decided I wanted to devote my career on keeping people out of the hospital, helping them prevent disease and educating them how to lead healthier lives. I discovered Pilates as a way to strengthen my body from the years of rigorous dancing, teaching high-impact aerobics classes and competitive running that took a toll on my joints.`

I am a Personal Trainer, third-generation authentic, classical Pilates Instructor and Yoga Teacher. I love to share my passion of fitness, Pilates and Yoga. My goal is to teach the amazing system of Pilates body conditioning combined with the disciplines of fitness and Yoga to help anyone at any age or fitness level become stronger, be injury free while feeling and looking better!


American College of Sports Medicine – Exercise Physiologist

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Personal Trainer

The New York Pilates Studio/The United States Pilates Assocation

The Yoga Life Institute 225 Hours RYI