“My Pilates instructor Kristin Gahwiler has been working with me for more than three years. As a dentist and professional ski instructor, exercise, flexibility and core conditioning are essential for continued good health. Under Kristin’s guidance I have increased my core strength and flexibility which is important and protective for both of my careers. Her dedication and attention to detail in instructing is paramount in her success. Kristin is a master at getting one to understand the tasks at hand and how to go about accomplishing them. I highly recommend her!”

-Marc Baker, DMD


“Kristin is an excellent trainer. She designs a program that fits each client. She stays on top of fitness trends and designs programs each week to challenge me. She is on time and prepared. Her High Intensity Training (HIT) and Tabata workouts make me feel a sense of accomplishment after completion. I highly recommend Kristin to help anyone meet and exceed their fitness goals.”

-Alexis Martin, Lawyer


“Kristin has been my fitness trainer since 2009. She introduced me to Pilates on the reformer when — at the age of 59, I decided to start working out for the first time. Kristin developed a plan for my fitness goals that was challenging, but safe. I never had any injury from working with her, even when I stopped training for some months before returning. Kristin has been professional, encouraging and challenging. I recommend her enthusiastically.”

-Ann W.


“Kristin is the best personal trainer in Philadelphia!  She customizes workouts to compliment your capabilities and interests and truly optimizes every minute she has with you.  For a busy working parent, this is critical in achieving my fitness goals.  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced and whether you love or hate exercising, Kristin will challenge you in a way that is attainable and shows major results.  Most importantly, she does everything with a motivating and positive energy.”

– Linda Hines, Corporate Recruiter